Lynndale Athletics Club – Club Night Health & Safety

1. Children need to be under adult supervision at all times.

2. Children are not to sit on the rail that runs around the cycle track.

3. Bicycles, scooters and skateboards are not permitted on the cycle track or grass field during athletics activities.

4. If you see a child/children doing something potentially unsafe, stop them from doing it.

5. The following areas are out of bounds during athletics:

  • the adventure playground;
  • the railway tracks;
  • the area behind the back fence;
  • the equipment room;
  • the club balcony.

Parents/Caregivers please do not allow your children to visit these areas, as safety is paramount.

6. Children at either the shot put or discuss areas must be located behind the circle at all times when these are being used by an athlete.

7. Before crossing the running track, look in both directions as running races occur through most of the club night.