What Your Child Will Need to be part of Clubnights

  • Be a registered member of the club with all fees paid
  • If your child is 5 and over, they will need a club singlet ($30 available from the club)
  • An age group patch with an LY number (this assists with recording of results and is also used for external events)

Parent/Caregiver Responsibilities

  • Parents/Caregivers are responsible for their children at all times.  The Club accepts no responsibility for any accident or injury to children.  We have a basic First Aid Kit available.
  • Parents/Caregivers must not leave children unaccompanied.  Children may be injured or become ill. Meetings may also finish early because of rain or some other reason.  If you can’t be there, make specific arrangements for another parent to be responsible for your child.
  • Please remember the people running the evening are all volunteers.  We gladly accept constructive criticism to be able to better run the evenings for the benefit of all.
  • We ask that you teach your children to accept officials’ decisions graciously, otherwise we may not have so many volunteers.

Helping out on club nights
Parent volunteers help run our clubnights to ensure that the activities run smoothly each evening.
Your help could include:

  • helping to organise children into turns
  • measuring and taking down results
  • Helping with BBQ etc
  • helping to put out equipment at the start and putting away at the end of the evening etc

Every bit of assistance helps the clubnights run smoothly for the benefit of our children.


If you feel you are able to assist in any other way than just on club night, please let us know - we would welcome your help.  The committee is relaxed and informal, but ensures the club’s progress.

Safety and sportmanship

Please be hyper-aware of safety around the shot-put and discus circles.  The children do not always throw straight, and getting hit can be serious or fatal. The shot put and discus should only be thrown in turns, from the circle.  Be strict about making everyone stand behind the thrower.

Good sportsmanship is important.  All parents need to encourage good behavior and should have confidence that it is ok to provide friendly correction (because all good kids step out of line from time to time).  If a situation can’t be handled on the spot, have a quiet word with the junior co-ordinator.

The following areas are out of bounds during athletics:

  • the adventure playground
  • the railway tracks
  • the area behind the back fence
  • the equipment room
  • the club balcony.

Parents/Caregivers please do not allow your children to visit these areas, as safety is paramount.

Bicycles, skateboards, balls, etc: Please, club nights are for athletics - keep these and similar items off the cycle track and grassed area. Auckland Council cares for the grounds, which are shared with other sports groups.  We need to respect that and take care of the turf.